Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Wild Light (2013)

New 65daysofstatic up for grabs, might actually see this band play this Friday. I remember the first time I heard The Fall of Math, such an apocalyptic sound. 

Dance Gavin Dance

Acceptance Speech (2013)

Dance Gavin Dance has been through a multitude of line up changes and now they are back with a new clean vocalist (but don't worry Jon Mess is still on board, and still crazy). This album sticks true to the DGD genre, fun and heavy riffs, pulsating drums, catchy vocals and the insanity that is Jon Mess. The new vocalist certainly takes the cake for having the highest voice out of their past line ups, but I have learned to actually really enjoy it. Dance Gavin Dance just has such great lyrical flow you almost have to sing along if you know the words. My favorite song has got to be "Carve", especially the breakdown with the lyrics:

"That's my trope, and my sleight of hand
I'm about to predict the future
Any credit given will be swept under the rug
Or reduced to the fine print
I'm only silent when you're asking questions
The simple answer is "no I wasn't present""

But honestly every single song on this album is worth listening to and has its moment of "wow."

The Safety Fire

Mouth of Swords (2013)

I must admit that I was a little skeptical about this release after hearing Yellowism and Red Hatchet, but this album quickly became one of my favorites of the year.  My original skepticism came from the lack of heavy vocals that were replaced with a high pitched voice with a little to much post production. I have heard rumors that the lead singer was loosing his screaming voice and therefore had to tone it down but who knows. Either way, upon hearing the whole album I fell in love. The title track "Mouth of Swords" is simply epic, rolling into the aggressive "Glass Crush." The album makes great use of melody, especially on tracks such as "Wise Hands" and "I am Time, the Destroyer." The album ends on such a perfect note too with the song "Old Souls." Oh, and how can I forget "Beware the Leopard?" This album has such a perfect flow on it between songs that Grind the Ocean just didn't have, not to say I don't love that album as well.

Time to Get Back to Posting

It has been awhile since I've posted so it's time to do a little catch up. Mediafire and Mediafire like websites are pretty much extinct so I'll mostly be posting torrent links and Bandcamp.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Orthodox (2013)

Today is the day Native released their second full length album entitled Orthodox. This band easily makes it into my Top 10 favorite bands and I can't wait to fall in love with this album. They are going on a US tour with O' Brother soon to promote this album release.